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How Does Storing Your Things With Alluster Work?
How Does Storing Your Things With Alluster Work?

Storing things with Alluster is easy. This is how things work.

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Storing with Alluster is meant to be easy. All you have to do is sign up for an account and schedule delivery for your required space. Our team will then show up at that time and load your items on one of our trucks to take to storage.

We provide two helpers for every order. All pick ups and returns will have labour charged. Please see Delivery Fees for new customers.

When you need to have any of your items returned, just log in to your account and order whatever you need returned. Labour will apply for full returns or a minimum of $25.00 for smaller items such as a couple of boxes.

Need to put something back in storage? No problem. Schedule a pick up through your account whenever you need it!

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