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A Breakdown Of The Delivery Cost For All Deliveries.

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We are focused on delivering the best possible service, along with the best possible pricing for our valued customers. For discounts and free delivery on longer term storage click here

For us to be able to offer the most competitive pricing for our units, without sacrificing our fantastic service, we charge labour for every pick up and return. We also charge a warehouse processing fee of $25.00 to stage and prepare your storage unit before pick up or delivery. Your price per month will always remain the same for as long as you remain in storage as well!

Here's some things to note with all of our deliveries:

  1. We provide a vehicle and two helpers with every order.

  2. We begin charging when we arrive to a location (never for travel time).

  3. All items for pick up will be carried out by the helper's and returned to the desired floor, room, etc. upon retrieval. 

  4. A minimum of one hour labour will be charged for the 5'x10', 5'x15', and the 10'x10' units. We will charge per minute after the initial hour if needed until we load the vehicle. See below for the labour costs.

  5. A minimum of 1.5 hours will be charged for the 10'x15', 10'x20', 10'x25', and 10'x30' units.

  6. A Minimum of 30 minutes will be charged for the 2'x5' and the 5'x5' units. 

  7. For a return of a couple items, a flat fee of $25.00 will be charged each trip. 

  8. Labour is charged for the pick up and also the return. 

Labour Fee Breakdown:

  1. $100.00 per hour. This includes the truck and two helpers. The timer begins when we arrive and stops when we leave the property.

  2. Each additional minute will be charged at $1.66.

  3. For smaller orders, the minimum is 30 minutes or $50.00. We will charge by the minute thereafter if the order takes longer ($1.66).

  4. Single item pick ups, and returns, will be charged at $25.00 per trip.

  5. All labour charges are also subject to applicable taxes.

Warehouse Processing Fee:

A standard $25.00 fee is charged to stage and prepare all storage units prior to pick up or delivery.


We charge a $25.00 cancellation fee if an appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment. A $50.00 fee will be charged if our driver's have began the trip to your address and a cancellation occurs due to any circumstance.

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