How Do I Cancel My Storage Unit?

Information on how to cancel your storage subscription after your items are returned.

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Cancelling your storage subscription is easy and there's a couple of different ways to do so. Our customers do choose to keep their subscription ongoing to take advantage of their current price and to also have space available if they choose to store again.

If you would like to cancel after your return, please follow this article to end your subscription through your account and choose "Return All Items".

Alternatively, we can turn off the subscription through email. Please email us at from the email on file and we will confirm it has been shut off when completed.

Please note the subscription will remain active if you choose a "partial return" and select all of your items. In this case, we assume you would like to keep the account active to store again in the future. If you choose this option and would like the account closed, please send us an email so we can shut off the subscription.

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