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Ordering a Return of Your Stored Items
How To Request Specific Items From Your Storage Unit
How To Request Specific Items From Your Storage Unit

This article will help you return any item from your storage unit. You can select and schedule a return of specific items.

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*Please note UBC students during move in and out times will be subject to one return to one location due to a high volume of appointments during these periods*

Requesting returns with Alluster is quick and easy. You’re able to request specific items from storage through your account when and where you need it. Follow this quick guide to help you with any questions you might have about how to request a partial return.

First, login to your Alluster account. If you’re on the home page, select the “person” icon at the top right of the page:

Please enter the email you signed up with and login. If you have forgot your password, you can request a temporary one at this time as well. Follow this guide to request a password if you’re having troubles.

Now select “My Stuff”:

Then “Return” and "Return A Few Items" :

Now you’ll be able to select the items you need to be returned by clicking the box to the left of the item.

Then select “Continue” to the right of the page when you have selected all of the items required:

Now you’ll be able to select the type of service you require. Full service- where our helpers move all the items into the home for you, or the curbside option- where you receive your items outside.

Now you can include all the information you want the driver’s to know for the appointment. See photo as an example. Then click “Continue to Scheduling”

The next screen will display all of your delivery information from your pick up. You’re able to edit the information if the return is going to a different location or your contact information has changed.

Select the date and time you want your return to be for:

Then click “Schedule Return”

Success! You have scheduled your return. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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