What Can I Store With Alluster?

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This is completely up to you. We ask that what you store is legal, non-perishable, and non-hazardous. This includes explosive or flammable materials of any kind.

If you pack fragile items, please make sure that they are packed appropriately because it will be at your own risk. We will take great, loving care of your precious items, but will not be responsible by the breakage of fragile items.

When storing fibreboard items (example: Ikea), please note that although we will take our upmost care, we cannot be liable for breakage during transport due to their fragile nature.

We ask that you limit the weight of your boxes or luggage to 45 pounds, or we will have to split them up into more units. Pro tip: If it is too heavy for you to lift, it is likely too heavy for us.

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