Appointments can be placed on our website at:

Select your location. Then “Select Plan”.

The next screen will guide you to select the storage unit you require. If you don’t see an option needed, you can select “Show More Storage Options” and choose the unit that’s right for you. 

When you have chosen the desired storage unit, click the “Book Now” option. 

At this time you will be able to select the date and time for your pick up from what we have available in our schedule. Please ensure you are selecting the correct time zone for the area your pick up will be in. 

Select the date and time and select “Continue”.

You will then be guided to the information page that will ask all the necessary details about your pick up location, name, and contact information. Please ensure you include the pick up location and not your credit card billing address.

Fill out the necessary information and select “Complete Appointment”.

Once the appointment has been completed you will be able to continue on and finalize the order by agreeing to our terms and conditions then selecting “Continue”.

The next page will be a summary of your order with taxes and additional items added if applicable. 

You can add your billing information to the right side of the page and select “Continue”. 

You can then create a password and you will be directed to your Alluster account. Any changes necessary to your account be made on this page. 

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